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上海艾曲西海拓浦液压技术有限公司 [百度一下]
公司地址:上海市 上海市闵行区申南路59弄1号楼307室,莘庄工业园泰弘研发园
专业培训 岗位晋升 节日福利带薪年假员工旅游
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IHC Hytop B.V., located in Sliedrecht, in the Netherlands, is based around a highly motivated team of professionals with a focus on “drive techniques”.

IHC Hytop B.V. is a project orientated organisation with approximately 100 employees who specialise in delivering (big) hydraulic drive systems, consisting of a central generator, controls, cylinders and winching systems for the international dredging, maritime and offshore market. Designing and producing advanced winching systems is included in these activities.

IHC Hytop B.V. is a part of IHC Merwede. IHC Merwede is focused on the continous improvement of its design and production activities for specialised shipbuilding, dredging and the offshore market. IHC Merwede employs approximately 3000 people at various local as well as worldwide locations.


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