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上海恩艾思电气有限公司 [百度一下]
公司地址:上海市 上海浦东龙东大道4155弄唐镇工业区内(龙新路359号)
专业培训 岗位晋升 节日福利带薪年假员工旅游
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上海恩艾思电气有限公司是由上海日洋贸易有限公司和香港Profitline Trading Limited合资建立的中外合资企业。

Shanghai NSE Co. Ltd. is a well established electrical switchboard companysituated in Tang Zhen
Industrial Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
Since inception in April 2002, the companys business was from shipyards in China and has delivered
numerous projects. NSE is now being recognized as an important supplier to the offshore industries in China and other parts of Asia,
such as Singapore, India, Vietnam and Korea. NSE is a partner of Schneider Electric and a licensed panel builder for Schneider Electric China and Schneider Elecrtic Singapore.
NSE manufacturing capabilities provide for stringent requirements and tolerance for quality control. It practises the use of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management
Control System in the design, material and production processing. It prides itself on applying rigorous quality standards to every project, large or small and always
providing innovative answers in compliance with national and domestic regulations governing user
safety and continuity of installations. NSE uses standard and original Schneiders products and others,
which fully comply to marine and offshore applications and international and classification standards.
Our collaboration with Schneider Electrics worldwide service network ensures a global after sales
service support and warranty coverage for our customers.

公司网站 : http://www.nse.net.cn
联系人 : HR
电子邮箱 : jinyh@nse.net.cn


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